Just sayin` .

Din bun simt si  din dorinta de a nu agrava lucrurile, de multe ori imi musc limba, in loc sa raspund inapoi. Dar sunt prea multe  lucruri pe care le-am tot inghitit de-a lungul timpului si uneori pur si simplu am impresia ca o sa-mi explodeze capul.

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Daca tot ai de gand sa ma critici ori sa ma jignesti online, verifica-ti intai ortografia, nu de alta, dar sa te pot lua in serios .

Words cannot express how much I dont care .

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel .

Bitch, you`re only alive because it`s ilegal to kill you. So do me a favor, bitch .. Burn !

Can you just fuck off and leave me alone, please ?

You`re either on my side, by my side, or in my fucking way .. Choose wisely .

I`m surrounded by retards .

Oh, you`re talking with me again.. Did you just break up with your girlfriend ?

You are such a whore . Honey, I have heels higher than your standards .

I`m not sorry for anything . M-am saturat sa-mi cer iertare atunci cand stiu ca am dreptate, doar pentru a parea tu in avantaj  .

Please. I do not have time for your tears . Shit happens . I mean.. look at your face .

.. and who the fuck do you think you are to judge me ? Your opinion is irelevant .

Do I kill myself or do I kill them all ?

Yee.. no. Being thin doesn`t make you prettier . Or smarter .

Let`s not pretend we`re something we`re not .

It`s too fucking exausting loving you .

You don`t like me ? Perfect ! I don`t give a shit about what you think about me . If you`re not fucking, feeding, or financing me, your opinion doesn`t matter .

Don`t talk to me because you`re “bored” . I`m not here to entertain you. And don`t come to me only when you need a favor . I don`t like being used .

Oh sweety, you`re so wrong, it makes me want to cry a little .

The next time you say ” I promise ” I`ll punch you in the face .

Yeah .. You may talk to me, make me laugh and say the sweetest things. But how many other girls are doing that too ?

Dupa un an de zile ti-ai adus aminte ca traiesc ? Ce dragut .. Lasa-ma sa ghicesc.. Ai o multime de probleme pe cap.. Si ai nevoie de bani .. Te inteleg, si eu vreau multe .

How many pictures must you take of yourself ? We get it. You need to be told you`re beautiful .

Stop apologizing . Cheating is not an accident . Falling off a bike is an accident . You don`t just trip and fall into a vagina ..

I`m sorry because you just found out the world doesn`t revolve around you . Here, let me pour you a tall glass of “get over it ” .


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  1. Diana şi Dan says:

    Reblogged this on Graffiti-uri pe pereţii unei gări.

  2. ilikeitcomplicated says:

    My give a damn got busted – asta e replica mea favorita 🙂 Universal valabila si universal folosibila :))

    1. wildrosec says:

      ce tare e ❤
      Uneori chiar nu te poti abtine sa nu dai astfel de replici . Multi parca trag de tine :))

      1. ilikeitcomplicated says:

        Da, asa e 🙂 Este si o piesa cu titlul My give a damn got busted a lui Jo Dee Mesina merita ascultata pentru text (si stilul country daca il gusti)

      2. wildrosec says:

        ce super e :))
        nu, nu o stiam. Mai ascult din cand si piese de genu` . Depinde de starea pe care o am

      3. ilikeitcomplicated says:

        Eu ascult Jo Dee Messina cand sunt in “bitch mode” si atunci numai trei piese; asta, I’m alright si Bye bye. Piese motivationale :))))

      4. wildrosec says:

        clar, trebuie sa le ascult si eu :)))

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